What Do Filipino Consumers Want?

August 19, 2015. I was supposedly going to Camp Karingal for our college’s Sports Fest. I don’t know exactly where that place is so I asked directions from our course representative. Following what he said, I waited at one of the waiting sheds near the Shopping Center then I rode an Ikot jeepney that will take me to Barangay Krus na Ligas. But holy cheesecakes, I’m not familiar with that place, too! Freshie problems, really. So instead of arriving at my real destination, I ended up having an early morning tour around UP.

From the Shopping Center, I arrived at the Vinzons terminal. And from there, I rode another Ikot jeepney (a different one) that took me to the Sampaguita Residence Hall. The driver was looking at me through the rear view mirror as if I was some weird girl (which, I admit, is somewhat true) because it seemed that I stayed on the jeepney for like forever. Minutes later, I received a text message saying that the event was cancelled. I don’t know if I should be thankful or what.

My unplanned tour wasn’t put to waste anyway. I observed the clothing of my co-passengers and saw that majority were wearing tshirts, shorts, and slippers. Some were dressed in a more decent way: blouse/polo shirt, pants/skirt, and shoes. I guess the clothing they wore depends on where they were going.

During the afternoon, I and my friends went to SM North Edsa. Inside the mall, I observed that there are many people in Bench, Tribal, and other famous brands. Analyzing, most Filipinos really are not just brand-conscious but are also valuing the quality of the product.

“Mga blouse. Yung mga spaghetti strap. Yan yung uso ngayon eh,” says Joy Modesto, a saleslady at Damitan Ni Antonia (a clothing store near the Shopping Center) when we asked her what their best-seller is. I agree with her in a way. Many Filipino consumers today tend to follow the fashion trends.

To summarize my overall observation, Filipino consumers want clothes that are:
• appropriate to where they are going
• of good quality/ from famous brands
• trending and popular


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