Weekly Reflection: Week 4


The clothing industry is timeless.

That’s what our concept paper shows and undeniably, that’s also the way I view the industry. To further understand  the concept we made, here is a brief explanation of it:

There are three islands; the past, present/now, and future. Under the Past Island is history, which serves as the foundation of everything; beneath the Present/Now Island is culture, which is continuously nourished in our generation today; and below the Future Island is innovation, which always has something new to introduce as time goes by. The banana— I mean, the boat, is the clothing industry because it can travel through islands— through time. And wait, before I forget, those fishes… are us. They may be of different colors, like people having different nationalities, but admit it, we are all connected by the clothing industry.

Like in the previous weeks, I again discovered many new things. My eyes became more open about the happenings in the real world due to the five articles that our class tackled. The articles have different settings but they all have one main theme: GLOBALIZATION. I learned how the West influenced other countries and also how some of these minor cultures resist to those changes.

The said articles focused on foreign countries. This made me curious about the status of my own country, Philippines. There are many local issues to talk about and I can’t wait to dig deeper into it.


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