Weekly Reflection: Week 7

“Why are you so anesthetic?! Why can’t you notice my love for you?!”

LOL. So much for being dramatic. That line just happened to cross my mind when we discussed about aesthetic and anesthetic experiences.

There were two remarkable activities we did this week; the ‘Guess the Style Word’ and the ‘Guess Whose Collage Is That’. On the first one, we were asked to put on an OOTD that describes the style-related word that we have chosen. I had on my mind the word ‘boyish’ so I wore a pair of jogger pants, black shirt, rubber shoes and a cap. Fortunately, one of my classmates was able to correctly guess the word I wanted to convey. As a result, I got an extra one point on my score.

For the second activity, we were asked to make a collage that describes us. All works were placed on the table and it was our task to guess the owner of the collage that our professor picked.

Both activities were really fun and meaningful. Because of it, we were able to practice how to make…



Weekly Reflection: Week 6

I’m a mesomorph.

That’s what I discovered during our discussions this week. Aside from the body types, we also tackled the body and facial shapes.

At the end of the day, this was what I’ve realized: Ideals and standards of beauty always vary. Don’t be insecure if you saw someone with an hourglass body while yours is an apple-shaped one.

My professor in Comm 3 once said, “Beauty comes from two root words… BE U.”

And I agree with him.

Fashion Designers Who Truly Inspire Me

I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!

This song kept on playing in my head while I was scrolling through the Barbie Collection of my favorite designer, Bob Mackie. Actually, I’m not a girly person and I’m not fond of stuff toys and dolls especially Barbies. I don’t know how and why I became suddenly interested with the Bob Mackie dolls I saw on the net. The costume of the Barbies are very glamorous, unlike the usual outfit of a teen queen that has been etched in our minds.


Bob Mackie Gold Barbie


Bob Mackie Neptune Barbie

The dolls weren’t limited with Barbie only. There were also Cher and Diana Ross dolls which I find very realistic yet imaginative.




Diana Ross

Bob Mackie, often called the sultan of sequins and the rajah of rhinestones will always be my inspiration. His works are not just stunning but are also a reflection of both fantasy and reality.

I love pastel colors. They are very refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Maybe this was the main reason why I instantly loved the works of Filipino designer Sheiralyn Lim the moment my eyes fell upon her feed on Instagram.

Her works are very feminine and smooth flowing. She doesn’t only design gowns but also casual wears. Her clients are mostly celebrities, a proof that they trust the quality of the Sheiralyn gowns and dresses. Someday, I will start a clothing line featuring pastel colors and smooth flowing designs, with Sheiralyn Lim’s works as my forever inspiration.


Mika Dela Cruz


Kim Chiu

Weekly Reflection: Week 5

For the previous week’s reflection, I interviewed myself. Haha! It may sound absurd so let me rephrase it. I straightened my thoughts by answering some fashion-related questions. Let’s have some role-playing here. You are the tv host and a renowned (don’t argue, okay?) international fashion designer is your guest! It’s none other than me of course. So, let’s begin!

You: Ms. Yuan, when you were still in your college days, do you already want to be a designer?

Me: Yes. Definitely. I can still remember how my Mama scolds me when I was still a kid because I was too busy drawing and coloring gowns with elves as my models. I wonder where are those artworks now. I wish my Papa haven’t put it in the stove together with some wood to be burned.

You: And why do you want to design clothing slash fashion?

Me: I feel such a hypocrite whenever I answer ‘to express myself’. Because truthfully, I want to design clothing because I want to leave a mark in this world. I want to make a difference. I want people to remember me everytime they see my designs. I want them to realize that there was once a certain “me” who contributed this and that to the clothing industry.

You: Having that in mind, in which kind of designer will you classify yourself, Ms. Yuan?

Me: Uhm, I’m one of those so-called aspirants. Like Phoebe Philo and Ralph Lauren, I also value lifestyle and the interest of people whenever I make a design.

You: Speaking of interest of people, what specific society are you aiming to deal with? And what do you think will be the impact of your designs to them?

Me: Hmm. The society that I want to influence is mainly women. I don’t usually design men’s clothes because, you know, I don’t feel a strong connection unlike when I’m designing dresses. The impact of my designs, I should say, is associated to someone’s mood. I like using pastel colors because it feels light to the eye. It’s like whenever you see my dresses, your mood will be uplifted as if the word ‘stress’ is not in your vocabulary. I want to convey a message that says “Everything’s gonna be fine. So put on your best smile and let the world see your shine.” My designs are also a little conservative because I want to introduce a new meaning of confidence. You don’t need to expose your cleavage or your thighs to be attractive. What’s important is that you are comfortable with what you’re wearing. That’s when the beauty within you will radiate automatically.

You: But you have dresses that expose the back of the body or sometimes, the waist, am I right?

Me: Yup. I don’t limit my designs because we all know that women have different tastes. As long as I follow my principle which is ‘no cleavage/boobs and thighs exposure’, I’m free to explore my creativity.

You: Thank you for those excellent answers, Ms. Yuan. We are very sure that many aspiring designers will be inspired by the ideas you shared with us.

And there goes a round of applause.

Gosh, I’m so weird. But swear, each and every answer above came sincerely from my mind, heart, and soul.