Fashion Designers Who Truly Inspire Me

I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!

This song kept on playing in my head while I was scrolling through the Barbie Collection of my favorite designer, Bob Mackie. Actually, I’m not a girly person and I’m not fond of stuff toys and dolls especially Barbies. I don’t know how and why I became suddenly interested with the Bob Mackie dolls I saw on the net. The costume of the Barbies are very glamorous, unlike the usual outfit of a teen queen that has been etched in our minds.


Bob Mackie Gold Barbie


Bob Mackie Neptune Barbie

The dolls weren’t limited with Barbie only. There were also Cher and Diana Ross dolls which I find very realistic yet imaginative.




Diana Ross

Bob Mackie, often called the sultan of sequins and the rajah of rhinestones will always be my inspiration. His works are not just stunning but are also a reflection of both fantasy and reality.

I love pastel colors. They are very refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Maybe this was the main reason why I instantly loved the works of Filipino designer Sheiralyn Lim the moment my eyes fell upon her feed on Instagram.

Her works are very feminine and smooth flowing. She doesn’t only design gowns but also casual wears. Her clients are mostly celebrities, a proof that they trust the quality of the Sheiralyn gowns and dresses. Someday, I will start a clothing line featuring pastel colors and smooth flowing designs, with Sheiralyn Lim’s works as my forever inspiration.


Mika Dela Cruz


Kim Chiu


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