Weekly Reflection: Week 7

“Why are you so anesthetic?! Why can’t you notice my love for you?!”

LOL. So much for being dramatic. That line just happened to cross my mind when we discussed about aesthetic and anesthetic experiences.

There were two remarkable activities we did this week; the ‘Guess the Style Word’ and the ‘Guess Whose Collage Is That’. On the first one, we were asked to put on an OOTD that describes the style-related word that we have chosen. I had on my mind the word ‘boyish’ so I wore a pair of jogger pants, black shirt, rubber shoes and a cap. Fortunately, one of my classmates was able to correctly guess the word I wanted to convey. As a result, I got an extra one point on my score.

For the second activity, we were asked to make a collage that describes us. All works were placed on the table and it was our task to guess the owner of the collage that our professor picked.

Both activities were really fun and meaningful. Because of it, we were able to practice how to make…



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