Weekly Reflection: Week 12

This week, we made paper dolls in CT 14 and we had a makeup class (literally) in CT 11. I was the model of our group and here comes the final product of my groupmates’ efforts!


The downside of me being the model was that I wasn’t able to practice the whole makeup thingy. But there’s still a next time! As far as I remember, this is the order of the things my groupmates did to my face:

  1. Apply cleanser, then toner, then moisturizer.
  2. Shave the eyebrows.
  3. Apply primer.
  4. Apply foundation.
  5. Put contour.
  6. Apply lip gloss to improve dry lips.
  7. Arrange eyebrows with eyebrow pencil.
  8. Put eyeshadow.
  9. Put mascara.
  10. Use curlash.
  11. Put eyeliner.
  12. Put fake eyelashes.
  13. Put blush on.
  14. Apply lipstick.
  15. Put powder finish.

I apologize if there’s a mistake in the chronological order. I wish I can master it some day. AJA!


Weekly Reflection: Week 11

October 12-16, 2015 was a fun week. We only had one meeting in CT 14 and CT 11 but it didn’t hinder our learning anyway. In CT 14 (Fashion Illustration), we had a short activity entitled Little Blue Riding Hood. One must recite a sentence about the subject, namely Rhoda, with strictly ten words and then the next student will give a continuation of it. At the end, our professor instructed us to make a stylized drawing of Rhoda based on the story we had come up. And guess what?


Meanwhile in CT 11 (Creative Clothing Design), our OOTD was our favorite color so I wore an all violet outfit. We discussed the types of colors, color schemes, etc. I learned many things such as ‘warm to warm color is more pleasing’ and ‘saturated colors make the wearer appear bigger’. Maybe I’ll write about styling soon.

On October 15, I and my classmate went to Manila Fame in SM Mall of Asia. The exhibits were really awesome especially the garments collection that we saw. Most are of indigenous material, thus showcasing the beauty of textiles made in the Philippines. This is a good start. I hope I can also encourage my fellow Filipinos to patronize our own textiles.

Weekly Reflection: Week 10

Plates. Plates. Plates. Plates.

Not that I’m complaining. I was just a bit overwhelmed with the fact that aside from CT14 (Fashion Illustration), we’re also gonna start making plates in CT11 (Creative Clothing Design). But for sure, I’ll get used to it in no time.

One of the activities we did this week was to make a sleeve using paper or fabric. The theme of our group was ‘aqua’ and we successfully achieved the flowy silhouette of the sleeve that we were aiming for.

I learned how to manipulate body shapes with design elements. For example, if the facial shape is round, one must avoid round necklines. I also learned that the body part where the hemline of the garment stops, tends to appear bigger. As application, I should never wear cap sleeves if I want to conceal my big arms!

Also, I’ve noticed that I’m slightly becoming style conscious lately. I can’t help but to criticize the outfits of people around me. The effects of being a fashion student, really.

Weekly Reflection: Week 9

Hell yeah, it’s October! What did we have this week? Well, there were two plates for CT 14 about knockoffs and there’s this one whole day of CT 11 when we discussed about design elements. I didn’t get the chance to sleep in class though. Haha! It was because there were many individual and group activities, and also probably because the reporters vary from time to time. It was not only our professor speaking but also my other classmates who were assigned to report a certain topic. It was a good teaching style, I must admit.

What I learned? To think out of the box. Not because the teacher said that the wearer should look slimmer and taller, we’re going to use only vertical lines as the garment’s design. There are a lot of possible combinations to achieve the objective and all we need to do is to explore our imagination. We need not to limit ourselves with what we see usually because there are so many design elements and principles just waiting out there.

On the other hand, I just can’t help but to mention this…


Details? Soon.

Weekly Reflection: Week 8

This entry is kinda delayed because it was supposedly posted on September 28 but nonetheless, here it goes. That week, we were tasked to create a mind map, rooting from the word dream or ‘panaginip’ in Filipino. Then we need to choose one idea and make a mood board out of that. I chose to explore ‘The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl’ so I came up with the concept of ‘opposites can be together in imagination’.


In making the mood board, I admit that I got less difficulty unlike my other classmates because my message can be easily conveyed through pictures.

The following meeting in CT11, our group was assigned to explain the highlighting design principles through a dance choreography. We were not that prepared but it still went well, I guess. After each group’s performance, we delved deeper into all design principles. We watched fashion-related videos and we practiced identifying the design principles used.

Overall, the whole week was awesome if not for the other subjects I have to worry about. I’m not the only one who was f*cked up though. I’m completely aware how most of my classmates looked like zombies that week. Haha!

Seriously speaking, I am now planning for my capsule collection and a lot of design principle combinations keep on popping in my head. I’m sure it will make everything more exciting and extraordinary. Wish me luck!