Weekly Reflection: Week 8

This entry is kinda delayed because it was supposedly posted on September 28 but nonetheless, here it goes. That week, we were tasked to create a mind map, rooting from the word dream or ‘panaginip’ in Filipino. Then we need to choose one idea and make a mood board out of that. I chose to explore ‘The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl’ so I came up with the concept of ‘opposites can be together in imagination’.


In making the mood board, I admit that I got less difficulty unlike my other classmates because my message can be easily conveyed through pictures.

The following meeting in CT11, our group was assigned to explain the highlighting design principles through a dance choreography. We were not that prepared but it still went well, I guess. After each group’s performance, we delved deeper into all design principles. We watched fashion-related videos and we practiced identifying the design principles used.

Overall, the whole week was awesome if not for the other subjects I have to worry about. I’m not the only one who was f*cked up though. I’m completely aware how most of my classmates looked like zombies that week. Haha!

Seriously speaking, I am now planning for my capsule collection and a lot of design principle combinations keep on popping in my head. I’m sure it will make everything more exciting and extraordinary. Wish me luck!


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