Weekly Reflection: Week 9

Hell yeah, it’s October! What did we have this week? Well, there were two plates for CT 14 about knockoffs and there’s this one whole day of CT 11 when we discussed about design elements. I didn’t get the chance to sleep in class though. Haha! It was because there were many individual and group activities, and also probably because the reporters vary from time to time. It was not only our professor speaking but also my other classmates who were assigned to report a certain topic. It was a good teaching style, I must admit.

What I learned? To think out of the box. Not because the teacher said that the wearer should look slimmer and taller, we’re going to use only vertical lines as the garment’s design. There are a lot of possible combinations to achieve the objective and all we need to do is to explore our imagination. We need not to limit ourselves with what we see usually because there are so many design elements and principles just waiting out there.

On the other hand, I just can’t help but to mention this…


Details? Soon.


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