Weekly Reflection: Week 10

Plates. Plates. Plates. Plates.

Not that I’m complaining. I was just a bit overwhelmed with the fact that aside from CT14 (Fashion Illustration), we’re also gonna start making plates in CT11 (Creative Clothing Design). But for sure, I’ll get used to it in no time.

One of the activities we did this week was to make a sleeve using paper or fabric. The theme of our group was ‘aqua’ and we successfully achieved the flowy silhouette of the sleeve that we were aiming for.

I learned how to manipulate body shapes with design elements. For example, if the facial shape is round, one must avoid round necklines. I also learned that the body part where the hemline of the garment stops, tends to appear bigger. As application, I should never wear cap sleeves if I want to conceal my big arms!

Also, I’ve noticed that I’m slightly becoming style conscious lately. I can’t help but to criticize the outfits of people around me. The effects of being a fashion student, really.


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