Weekly Reflection: Week 11

October 12-16, 2015 was a fun week. We only had one meeting in CT 14 and CT 11 but it didn’t hinder our learning anyway. In CT 14 (Fashion Illustration), we had a short activity entitled Little Blue Riding Hood. One must recite a sentence about the subject, namely Rhoda, with strictly ten words and then the next student will give a continuation of it. At the end, our professor instructed us to make a stylized drawing of Rhoda based on the story we had come up. And guess what?


Meanwhile in CT 11 (Creative Clothing Design), our OOTD was our favorite color so I wore an all violet outfit. We discussed the types of colors, color schemes, etc. I learned many things such as ‘warm to warm color is more pleasing’ and ‘saturated colors make the wearer appear bigger’. Maybe I’ll write about styling soon.

On October 15, I and my classmate went to Manila Fame in SM Mall of Asia. The exhibits were really awesome especially the garments collection that we saw. Most are of indigenous material, thus showcasing the beauty of textiles made in the Philippines. This is a good start. I hope I can also encourage my fellow Filipinos to patronize our own textiles.


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