Why Don’t UP Students Often Wear Their ID?

*featured image from https://www.facebook.com/dilimanrepublic/

Case Study: Why Don’t UP Students Often Wear Their ID?


            Ever since pre-school, it is a given to wear the ID as part of the uniform. But in the University of the Philippines where college students are allowed to wear anything, it can be observed that almost everyone doesn’t include their ID in their outfit. This study aims to discover the reason for this trend, while putting in consideration three important things: comfort, function, and aesthetic.


  1. Conduct interviews about what “simple” and “fab” mean in terms of clothing.
  2. Observe for 20 minutes during class intervals.
  3. Classify the students entering Palma Hall’s main entrance into:
    • Simple, No ID
    • Simple, With ID
    • Fab, No ID
    • Fab, With ID
  4. Analyze the data.
  5. Form conclusion.
  6. Integrate the findings into a creative output.


Data (July 11-13, 2016)



Key Insights

  • Weather is a factor on how someone is dressed. For example, the number of fab people on July 11, 2016 (Monday) is much less, probably because it was a rainy day. It is not practical to dress up given that it may just be soaked later on.
  • “Panira lang ng porma ang ID” is not applicable to the majority because most UP students are not even “maporma” in the first place.
  • Most students prefer to just get their ID from their bag or wallet and then return it after passing the guard.



  • UP students prefer comfort over function and ID as an OOTD wrecker is proven to be subjective.


Creative Output


Components and Representations:

  • v neckline – ID lace
  • choker – comfort vs. style concept
  • white pocket – majority of the UP students who are simple
  • gold beads on the pocket – the few fab people
  • leopard print – gives empowerment in the same way that the ID gives prestige


Comfort over Function Concept:

  • leopard print – originally fur to be used during winter
  • cape sleeves – originally long sleeves to keep the wearer warm
  • chest pocket – doesn’t serve its function because it will be uncomfortable to put something inside it

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