Feel It In Four Lines


This is a collection of poems, in random order, that talk about romance in all forms.

“I only need four lines to tell my story.”

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Concept of Life of a Clothing Technology Major

She focuses on textiles, garments, and fashion

The others expatiate on life, genetics, and reproduction

Clothing Technology plus the unfailingly in demand Biology,

For her, it is like peanut butter commingled with pepperoni.

An off-kilter conflation it might seem,

Two different concepts trussed in a ream

But one time she realized that similarities do exist,

And that she isn’t different, because she belonged.

Fabric is what makes up every garment

Cells are a living thing’s major component

Clothing involves the physical modifications of the body

The body’s anatomy is then tackled in Biology, as part of life’s diversity.

She learned how fiber can be made into apparels

She understood how a fertilized egg can turn into a fetus

No matter how distinct the processes and cycles,

She knows those two fields can both make a difference in our world.

She is me,

A future contributor to our society.